So …

Can I link to Sports Illustrated? There’s a robust swimsuit section there as well as coverage of sports.

iTunes have shows with very explicit content. Can we link to our own podcast?

Xbox360 has a game called Dead or Alive Beach volleyball coming out next month. Could I link to And don’t get me started on Tomb Raider, people.

I want to book a flight – but Yahoo! also has a movie section, where they are promoting The Omen due to hit theaters 6/6/06. Can I book a flight there? Can I even tell other people in the office about the fantastic travel deals on their website?

I get my movie news from ComingSoon.Net. They have adds for a dating service from True. Argh.

Interesting debate. As of this moment, I say you can link to a good site but the end user has to have the discretion not to follow what might be compromising links.