Today is Labor Day in the US – a day when everyone enjoys the unofficial end of summer and the start of the new school year. Labor Day is a day when traditionally no one works and you spend time with family, friends, the BBQ grill and maybe hit up a mattress sale or used car blowout.

As we celebrate the amazing summer past summer of ministry and spend some time today with family and friends, all of us here at Download Youth Ministry … which is basically Doug, Josh, Matt & friends … we want to say THANK YOU:

  • THANK YOU for serving students
  • THANK YOU for working hard at your job and calling
  • THANK YOU for laboring when others think it is a cushy job
  • THANK YOU for leading by serving
  • THANK YOU for passionately believing in your students
  • THANK YOU for working on stuff no one sees
  • THANK YOU for not being bothered when no one says thank you
  • THANK YOU for loving God and loving students

Enjoy the ribs on the BBQ today, friends, you certainly deserve it!
The DYM Team