Pretty interesting editorial on IGN 360 today, talking about the Halo 3 multiplayer beta test later this Spring. Interesting thoughts, here’s a clip:

If the graphics haven’t been improved over the Brute documentary or November screenshots, you had better believe we’ll all hear about it. A lot. If just a handful of people don’t like the way the weapons are balanced, map designs, or multiplayer modes, the world will know. If the beta is an unbridled hit, well then I guess I won’t be writing an editorial like this again.

The Halo 3 beta is moving into uncharted territory for both a console game and such a huge franchise, especially with the power of the Internet these days. The point of the beta is to get feedback from the community to help better shape the final product, but we can all assume that all of the feedback won’t be criticism of the constructive nature and a great deal of it will be broadcast for all to hear.

The hype for Halo 3 is already at absurd levels. The ball is in Microsoft and Bungie’s court and it’s their marketing battle to lose now. A misstep with the beta could be more damaging than many might initially believe. Then again, beta success could send the interest in Halo 3 through the roof. Let’s all hope for the best.