My 6 month journey into blogging has been a fun, wonderful & challenging experience! This summer I’ll be joining my own missionary kids in Africa and speaking at a high school camp and am looking for some who might be interested in writing guest posts while I’m away.

If you believe you might have a contribution to my readers/friends in the following areas, I’d be honored for you to submit something:

Youth Ministry

Because I’m a rookie on these types of requests, I’m “borrowed” some ideas from several other blogs who have guest posts–here’s my slant.


1. My preference would be that your post be new and not previously published (but if it has been posted/published, please let me know. It doesn’t mean I won’t use it, but I just want to know). New is better.

2. Your post shouldn’t be more than 800 words. Shorter is often better.

3. I have the ability to make some minor edits to your post (not changing content, but possibly editing for grammar or length). Posts will be a lot more attractive to me if they’re well-written and don’t require my edits. Cleaner is better.

4. I would need you to write a short bio and link to your site so that my readers know who you are and can connect with you if they choose. Clear is better.

5. There is a possibility that I won’t use your post. I know that might be a drag, but simply sending me something doesn’t obligate me to post it. If I feel like it doesn’t “fit” my primary audience of readers, I won’t go with it. Sorry ahead of time if that happens. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to give feedback and explain why I didn’t use it. Obviously, if I reject your post, you can do whatever you want with it. Better is better.

If you’re interested in going for it and sending me something to read, email it to [email protected] (please put the post in the email and not an attachment) and I’ll let you know if it’s a yes/no within two weeks (probably earlier unless I’m out of country).

I’m excited to see what might come in and how you or someone will add value to the people who read this.

You might also read these thoughts about “Guest Posting” from Michael Hyatt’s excellent blog:
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I leave for Africa in a week, so I’ll be making some of the first decisions by July 10.

Let me know if you have any questions.