Have you seen this video?

Six photographers get told six different stories about the same person and their portraits of him look markedly different.

The tagline to the video is: A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what is in front of it.

It’s pretty interesting to think about how others see you through preconceived notions.

But how do your students see themselves when they’re the ones taking their own pictures?

Do you see someone who is lonely? Brave? Scared? Precious? Popular? An outcast? Loved?

While we can’t change students’ perspectives of themselves completely, we surely can help them understand who God sees when He gets behind the camera.






Someone who matters.

We, as student pastors, have an amazing opportunity to show students who God really think they are.

Are we doing it?


Ronald is a Middle School pastor in San Antonio, TX and a DYM Author. Check his resource out here!