I had a wakeup call from my Pastor this past Sunday. For 8 years, I have focused on personal growth and self-improvement. Each year I grow stronger than the last. I grew up mentally and verbally abused, while resulted into anger and a low self-esteem. Into adulthood, I hung with the wrong crowd and got involved with some things I shouldn’t have. Now, I am involved in church, volunteering for causes I believe in, am chasing my dreams, FREE from anger and low self-esteem!! Praise God!

For this reason, I thought I understood CHANGE. Although I have heard Philippians 4:8 “Whatever is lovely…think about such things,” I never saw it in the light of change. I am always so focused on what needs to be changed, when I should be focused on things that are lovely and those things will change naturally. And although I have experienced change each year, I have experienced so much exhaustion doing so that way.

I now understand how to let God change me. It’s pretty simple actually. Think on whatever is lovely. See things through His eyes. Spend time with Him. He will overflow from my heart as I let more of Him in. There’s no more pressure on me to pay attention to what area needs improving.

No longer do I have to think about what needs to be changed. No longer do I have to think about improving my study skills. No longer do I have to think about being a better friend. He will change me for me. His way of change leads to peace and a better me.

Who else just received this wake-up call? Comment below!

Ashley Fordinal is the Children’s Church volunteer at Family Life Church in Sulphur Springs, TX.