I have heard mixed views on the value of training. One view being that if you are truly doing what God has called you to do then you don not need training and the other, to be the best God has called you to be, training is necessary. I believe that it is necessary. But why?

I have hit a stump in my ministry and have requested training because I know that we were not put here to do what God has called us to do alone. We were made to learn and grow from each other. Therefore, it is necessary for us to have accountability and partnership with other leaders.

When you receive training, you share ideas and as you talk and interact, new ideas arise. You and the one training you grow in those moments. Each week, you come back with a new, exciting and fresh idea and the people you minister to are being pumped up, fueled and charged, ready for whatever comes their way!

Sharing your passion with what God has called you to do with someone else who is passionate about it strengthens your passion and keeps the fire burning. When my friend was helping with children’s we strengthened each other; we grew strong together. We were training each other as we shared our passion.

I have watched as someone pours all they know into another’s life and both people grow tremendously. Then I have watched as someone had no one to stand beside him and teach him; he soon faded away with no one there to pick him up. Therefore, I believe training is necessary. Without it, we cannot grow to be the best God has called us to be.

Challenge: What area do you need training in? Seek out someone in a position to train you!

Ashley Fordinal is the Children’s Church volunteer at Family Life Church in Sulphur Springs, TX.