One day I was sitting down praying for a fellow Youth Ministry friend. We would meet occasionally and text prayer needs to one another. One day I was praying for him and God whispered (well it wasn’t an audible whisper but you get my drift) to take praying for him to a whole new level.


  1. A blank journal, a Small Note book or a Mole skin (if you want to go big time). But make sure it is nice, or even personally reflects them. An athlete will like one with sports on the cover etc..
  2. I chose a black covered prayer journal.
  3. A nice ink use while journaling.
  4. I use the medium tipped sharpie pens.
  5. A reminder, this is to remind you to do it.
  6. I use my icalendar, it syncs with all my devices.
  7. A place that you can use consistently to write, maybe a local coffee shop etc.
  8. I used either a Starbucks or my office (I caution this though, it is too easy to get into work, read emails and take phone calls.)

That is it….

Put some headphones in and tune out to Crowder or some music.

Take your journaling supplies out and begin.

Take a quick breath and say a quick prayer for your time.

Page one should be a nice letter to encourage your friend.

Page two should inform him of your work done throughout this journal.

Begin on page 3 with your Prayer Journal.


Here is a sample for you:

Date: March 1, 2016

Lord I come to you today on behalf of (YOUR FRIEND). I ask you to be with him or her, to draw them closer to You…..

Be sure to simply pray for them through your written words… maybe add a verse that comes to mind… maybe add a story you are thinking about…. Maybe you watch a conversation at another table that you can share…

The whole idea is for you to write out a prayer for the person.

End it with Amen.


I generally leave room on the page to use later. I think it offers some flexibility for you and the receiver (they may want to write something too)

Each day or what ever time you commit to writing prayers do the same thing…

Some additional ideas:

  • Draw a picture adding a simple prayer
  • Write out a verse all fancy like
  • Write out a song that comes to mind
  • Add a photo and prayer.

The idea is to not limit yourself to only one thing.. let the Holy Spirit move you each time you write.

Ok, you have filled up the journal or simply feel it is time to send it out…. Great

I filled up half the book and wrote a note for the friend to continue using it after he read through my prayers for him.

Put the journal in the mail and send it to them. You can add a $5 dollar gift card and encourage them to get a coffee and read it. It might be the break they are needing and we all like free coffee.

I said a prayer for my friend as the package was being delivered.

That is it… you are done…. Go back and pick a new friend to bless with your prayers now and when you send it out.

God will bless you in the process of blessing them… It was cool to get a text from an unexciting friend who says man… I was praying the same thing on that day… thanks for taking them time to pray and send it to me.


Jon Batch is the Director of Student Ministries at Dearborn Hills UMC.