I hear a lot about how students are too self-absorbed. They think way too much of themselves. They have tunnel vision and can’t see anything beyond what’s in the mirror.

Just take a look at all the selfies that are floating around social media! The duck faces and the headphone wearing teens are egocentric.

Selfie was even the word of the year in 2013!

It’s an epidemic!

You know, in student ministry, I hear a lot about student culture. I agree with a lot of things that I hear. While some students may think a little too highly of themselves and some others may take one selfie a day (or every hour) and instagram filter the mess out of it, I wanted to know:

What does God think of our students?

He Loves Them
Romans 5:8 anyone? God loved our students before they even knew who He was. He loves them with their all night video game sprees, soda consummation, close talking habits, and loud outbursts during the serious parts of your message.

God loves them.

Surprising to think about, God loves our students more than they think they love themselves. And He sent Jesus to die for them to prove it.

He Made Them
God created every single student in your ministry. He formed them while they were inside their mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). He lovingly crafted each and every student you teach.

Every perceived flaw in a student’s body is actually an on purpose act of God. He put that mole right there. He made that middle school girl taller than every boy in her grade. He intentionally let that guy’s voice break when he was 16 instead of 13.

He handcrafted every student.

They are His Children
Sons and daughters. Every single student is a child of God. Sure, every kid has a physical mom and dad, but they may not be as present as the student hoped for. Or they may not have the relationship they envisioned with their mom or dad.

God is their father. Even if their biological dad is no where close by, they have a Father who loves them and wants them to see themselves as His kids.

I know that sometimes, instead of telling students how terrible they are because of how they think about themselves, I would rather tell them what God thinks of them and let that correct any wrong thinking they may have!

That’s why we had a three week series on what God thinks of us. We called it “Selfie” and it was an awesome series! I pray it’s helpful to your group like it was to mine!

Want to know what a three week small group on what God thinks of your students could do for your group? Check out Selfie!

Ronald Long is a resource publsiher on DYM and youth worker for many years. His resources are insightful and helpful to other youth workers. Check out his stuff right here!