I have been a children’s church volunteer for a little over 2 years now. The first year was booming! I had a great friend helping me lead, who was my accountability partner, we bounced ideas off of each other and made it happen. This past year though, has been a year without my buddy and I’m telling you, since I lost my accountability partner, the one I would bounce ideas back and forth with, and prepare with, I have been struggling. My delivery has been off, and the time back there with the kids is rushed. But I believe even through this time of struggling, God has a plan and He will use these struggles to lead us where we need to be. So I want to share a few things with you God has revealed to me about rising above these two particular struggles.

When I had my buddy, we would get together each week, read a devotional, pray over the kids and our church, prepare the lesson, and discuss it. Now, I read over the lesson and deliver it. I want to add that it is curriculum that we are working with BUT I also want to add that just because it is curriculum, that does not mean it will speak for itself. You still need to prepare. I still need to prepare. I have lost sight of what I am discussing, of what I am teaching my kids, because I have only read over it. What God has revealed to me is so simple but oh so powerful. He’s shown me that in order to deliver more efficiently and gain a better understanding of what I’m teaching, I should spend time digging deeper into the message as if I am preparing the message and not the curriculum preparing the message for me. There are several options for digging in: Youtube sermons on the topic, read blogs on the topic, study the scriptures on the topic and read commentary on it as well. Then videotape myself delivering in my living room!!

After watching the video, it’ll be easier to see which area needs improvement such as where time can be saved. Time seems to fly by for us and we don’t have any time to really get to know the kids and pour into their lives. Even though the message doesn’t take up all of our time, this ties back into preparing for delivery because as delivery improves, and a better understanding of the message is gained, more quality is poured into the time spent with my/your kids. You can then tie the message into whatever conversation is brought up and give your children a better understanding of the message themselves so they can apply it in their daily walk.

God’s got a plan even through the struggles, He will help you rise above and guide you on your next move. “But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

What has God revealed to you about rising above your struggle?

Ashley Fordinal is the Children’s Church volunteer at Family Life Church in Sulphur Springs, TX.