This year is my third year partnering with 6 other student ministries and youth work organizations in my community to put on an event. We call it Way Past Curfew, it’s an all night event that has a specific focus around sharing the Gospel during a main session part way through the night.

I love this event and even though I hate staying up all night it is worth it. This is my second year being the committee chair for the event helping make sure we are on track. Now this role is easy because I work with so many outstanding people and organizations, but it comes with some tricky areas.

The first challenge is sharing the burden. We use one local church because of their proximity to two gyms and an ice rink where we can run games from throughout the night. Unfortunately for them, because it’s in their building they have to help deal with a lot of the prep and take down.

The second challenge is buy in, we have a team of people who believe in this thing, but not everyone in our ministries does. Sometimes its a challenge to get volunteers to something when they think it is for someone else.

The third challenge is representing everyone equally. Just this morning someone asked me why we don’t get more recognition during this event. I am chairing the committee, running things evening of and donating a lot of resources to this event. But our ministry doesn’t get the glory. And that is where I had to step in. Yes, we are doing a lot but….

There are lots of people giving equally and we need to remember what they do, not just what we do.

The most important thing is that this event is there to serve kingdom purposes. We are joining together to share the Gospel with students who haven’t heard it before. The recognition doesn’t belong to any of us, ultimately it belongs to God.

Sometimes its difficult to juggle all of these things, but I think it is more important to be a part of something that brings students to Christ.

Do you partner with other ministries? Why? Why Not? In what way do you partner with them?

Kyle Corbin has been serving youth as a volunteer or pastor for over 10 years and blogs exclusively here on He is currently the youth pastor at the Bridge Church in North Vancouver B.C. Hit him up on Twitter @CorbinKyle