I love food. If you saw my waistline you would definitely assume this about me. I am not a huge guy, but I have a few extra pounds like lug around with me. This is all to say that I think food is important. Sure it keeps you alive, but food gives you something to experience with other people.

Keeping hydrated is also something I love, I hate being thirsty because well it just sucks. So I love to put beverages out for people to drink.

Welcoming people is so much fun! Nothing is better than when a friendly face asks you about how your week was and chats with you about something the two of you love to talk about.

A clean room, this one I am not so good at providing… but I love to provide a clutter free space. So each week I put away everything that isn’t going to get used. I love that a place feels clear, because it leaves me clear to think.

A well stocked bathroom… ever been in a not well stocked bathroom. I once called my brother to go into another stall and grab me toilet paper! It might seem silly but it is something to make sure you have. Nobody wants an embarrassing moment of having to call out for something they need.

Special perks! I love when something gets pulled out special just for me. Even if it was kept in stock to be used strategically, it feels nice to get something that I don’t really deserve.

All of these things are good to think about when putting on an event or even just hanging out. By providing hospitality, you give a sense of worth. If someone is willing to make a special effort for you, or provide you with something above and beyond it forms a connection. It creates a trust and comfort.

What are you doing to be hospitable in your ministry setting? If you are asking someone to be your guest, what are you doing to stand out above the rest?

Kyle Corbin has been serving youth as a volunteer or pastor for over 10 years and blogs exclusively here on LoveGodLoveStudents.com. He is currently the youth pastor at the Bridge Church in North Vancouver B.C. Hit him up on Twitter @CorbinKyle