At our local high school, the school spirit of the student body is at an all-time high: the student section is packed for every football game and consequently, many of the sports teams are having a banner year.   Last week I decided to write a post about it on my personal blog and the the thing just blew up.  Parents and students have been sharing it online in huge numbers (ahem: huge compared to what I’m used to).  There was a vacuum of honest, encouraging response to this wonderful movement at our school, and I hoped to summarize what so many in our community are feeling.

These are not just “events” in your community: they are opportunities for ministry, and these opportunities provide gateways to speak the Gospel into every day life.  

These opportunities are not always positive, either.  A few years ago a local student in our town had an aggressive form of cancer.  Dozens of his friends began soliciting prayer support for their friend.  Realizing the need, I organized a prayer meeting at our church on this young man’s behalf and to support our community.  

Ministry requires us to listen and pay attention to the immediate events around us.  We do not seek to “capitalize” on these events, but rather to serve our communities and lift them up.

What does your community care about? How can you support that?  What success stories can you share?

Clark Chilton is a Student Ministries Pastor in Clemmons, NC.