As I was driving, following my GPS’s commands today, I was led onto what was not even a back road. No, this was a dirt road. A 3 mile long, empty dirt road that seemed to never end. I noticed myself tensed up, radio down, wondering if I’d ever make it onto pavement again and playing scenarios in my mind about all the possible reasons I might not. My tire might blow out, then what? I’m in the middle of a dirt road, looked like the desert really, nobody will ever find me, what will I do?! And if I don’t have a blow-out, this is bound to be where the serial killers camp out, waiting for pretty girls like me to drive down the road so they can block the road and trap me…I’m gonna DIE!!!

Not long after catching myself doing this, I thought to myself, “No I will not live in defeat.” I cranked up the radio with some worship music and opened my heart to what God was saying in this situation. I believe He was showing me that He is speaking all the time! He speaks through situations, He speaks through His word, He speaks through the Holy Spirit, and He speaks through people. He speaks to me and you all the time. It is up to us to hear it.

You can listen to all the noises of the world and soon start to believe ministry is becoming a drag because finances are not there and no one seems to care that you cannot fund more space for the kids that’s been needed for years. Or you can listen to the noise of God’s sweet voice and soon start to see that His voice has been there all along. Choose to hear God when finances are low, you need more space, and you will see where He has been leading you all along! He will guide you right where you need to be.

As I started to realize this, I heard God speaking this message into me. Even when times get rough, do not place hope into what things seem to be. When you do, hopes become shattered because nothing of this world will stand forever. God and His Word DO stand forever! We are called to put our hope in Him and the things He says. He says He will protect us from evil, restore our finances, and He says He will speak to us! Are you listening?

Where is God leading you on your empty dirt road? Comment below!

Ashley Fordinal is the Children’s Church volunteer at Family Life Church in Sulphur Springs, TX.