program-guide-2Youth ministry is always changing but the shifts that are happening these days seem permanent to me. There is a real sense that we must go deeper, but we have to do it with less time, more distractions, broken families and smaller budgets. These obstacles are huge but we can’t keep sending out students who are ill-equipped and don’t understand scripture. These challenges are causing us to ask the question, what is really working? We don’t have the time, money and volunteers to pursue multiple shallow strategies.

I hope you’ll run over to LeaderTreks today and grab this eBook designed to help youth workers better understand leadership development. Grab this free 40-page guide on how to develop students into leaders. Growing Student Leaders has everything you need to start the process of developing a student leadership program in your church.

A Youth Worker’s Guide to Student Leadership
Growing Student Leaders is about developing students into leaders who own their faith and live out the ministry. We all agree leadership is important, but how do you actually develop students into leaders?

Proven Strategies for Developing Leaders
This free resource provides two proven strategies for how to create a culture of leadership development, walking you through the process in your own ministry context. Through either leadership teams or one-on-one leadership mentoring, you’ll be able to put in place a program that will move non-leaders to leaders.