This weekend I’m speaking in Seattle at the Northwest Ministry Conference with my good friend Duffy Robbins. We are doing our Speaking To Teenagers Conference and there’s some amazing youth workers here. Two women flew in from New Jersey to attend this conference (even though we were in Syracuse last weekend) and they’re very fun (they shocked me when they told me they’re bringing teenagers out to our Student Leadership Conference this summer). Anyway, it’s been great. I’m excited for another full day of ministry (Saturday) and then I’m staying the night and teaching at Overlake Church (an amazing church that has 5 ex-Saddleback families/pastors on the staff) where I feel at home.

Last night Greg Stier showed Duffy and I his newest video that was produced by Dare2Share. It was very well done (and being a rap/hip hop artist myself) and I was very impressed. In this powerful video, rap artist Propaganda unpacks an acrostic spelling out the word “GOSPEL” and communicates Jesus’ life-giving message of salvation in a fresh way. Check it out here

After we finished watching it, I caught Duffy’s response on video. You can see it below (and know how excited Greg was to get Duffy’s endorsement):

One of the many things I love about Greg Steir is his passion. He deeply wants to raise the temperature of evangelism in the youth ministry world and he’s creating a ton of tools to help make that happen. He’s a good man, deeply loves Jesus and is passionate about helping youth workers.

Question: Why do you think “evangelism” is such a weak emphasis in many youth ministry settings?