Tonight, I had the privilege to the WILDSIDE C-Groups.

It’s been more nearly two years since I’ve taught anything. A difficult thing when I see myself as mostly a teacher…

For the 21 months, I’ve been serving in the regional ministry…serving the regional campuses, serving the leaders who serve people–but I’ve not been serving the people directly. IT has been SO STRANGE, this last period of my ministry…If you’re not teaching, you’re not really a teacher…

I feel like I’ve got four areas I’m good in: discipling, teaching, leading, and organizing. Yea, I realize there’s some overlap in those groups… I’ll explain a little: I’m at my best when I’m discipling and teaching… helping people grow spiritually—either one on one, or leading discussions, writing, or communicating to a large group. Of these, I’m not a great communicator…for me, teaching a large group is really an excuse to open up further conversations one on one or with a smaller group.

I love having a conversation with someone, and if they want it, to help them in the way that they need…sometimes a person is broken or hurting, or intellectually confused, or filled with a pride or struggling in some other way. I tend to see these things quickly when I’m talking with someone.

I’m really good at organizing all kinds of things… I’m good at designing and building and improving…all within a framework of a greater vision and multiple (and often competing) priorities… But all of these (designing and building and improving), for me, are subordinate to helping people grow. And, I don’t do that as a regular function of my ministry… I do add some to the leaders who serve in the regionals, but nothing on a regular basis. I work with great leaders, and they don’t need a ton from me.

I am in a great season right now, even though I’m not doing the things I love most. I’m convinced that I’m right were God wants me serving. I don’t think this season will last forver, but for now, it’s the right thing.

I could add more of these things to my life…and I will in the near future…but they aren’t a regular part of my ministry now. I’ve been learning lots of things in this season, things I never would have learned before…someday soon I need to blog about these things…

So, how did it go? (thanks for wondering)

It went great. It was a lot of fun to prep, and fun to teach. I held their attention well, and I managed to keep things simple. That’s ALWAYS been a challenge for me… one leader (and friend) said I maybe told a few too many stories.

THAT’S never happened…not for me, I’ve always covered too much, too fast–focused on too much content and not giving people time to absorb it. This was a great criticism!

I’m so out of touch… I mention reading the Twlight books and everyone in the crowd started cheering–I had no idea it was a big deal to JH students. (walt mueller, forgive me)

Anyhow, tonight was a ton of fun, and I’m thankful to the JH team (Kurt and Katie, specifically) for asking me. Of course, I’m also thankful that God worked things out for me to teach tonight.