Saw on Tony’s blog that Granger was featured on a local South Bend station WSBT for it’s use of technology in reaching people for Christ. Be sure to check out the video version of the story and see some of it in action, too. Very cool stuff … here’s an excerpt from the written piece, too:

Getting people into church pews can be difficult in today’s on-the-go society. But some religious groups are using technology to their advantage. Churches, even local ones, have been embracing technology as a way to reach the masses.

“I think our sense over the past ten years has been that video, media, and technology has become more and more important,” said Pastor Tim Stevens of Granger Community Church. “In this culture, it’s becoming the language of the culture.”

That’s why his church is offering what you see here on the web and through an audio pod cast. They’re not alone. There are lots of “God-casts” out there.