I’m fascinated by this whole idea of Google+ and I’m very curious what you think. There was a lot of Google+ action happening this weekend and several people are experimenting with it.

I was slow to the “Facebook world” because I didn’t want more guilt for not being able to respond to everyone. I’m always 100’s of emails behind and the thought of having many more contacts/questions would just add to my craziness. I settled on a “like/fan” page (www.facebook.com/simplydoug), but even that is getting confusing to me because I was recently able to get my actual name (www.facebook.com/dougfields) on Facebook and now I can’t switch accounts. Anyway, enough about me.

So far, I like it. I like the ability to filter people into groups (i.e. family, friends, youth workers, my small group, etc…). It seems more manageable, but I’m not sure people will embrace it since 1/6 of the planet is on Facebook.

What do you think?
How will this be used in ministry?
Will it replace Facebook?
Do you see any advantages to switching?

I’d love to learn from you. Add your thoughts here: