Right on time this week is a roundup of some of the newer searches that led to this space on the web this week. Love it …

Google searches that led here this week
josh bernoff blog
world series of pop culture
saddleback christmas service
christmas is a time to love lyrics
2006 email contact church pastors in holland
christmas talks for youth
deal or no deal sermon series
fox saddleback broadcast
erik thornton starbucks
youth growth chart
christmas youth group film
jessica alba au mtv movie awards transparence
ryan meeks seahawks
why people dont believe in christmas
short christmas talks for youth
shamu show on tape
orange county chopper surprise season finale
christmas is a time to love
download pirates 2 picture of sparrow attacking cracken
youth group christmas quiz
deal no deal “biggest winner”
free christmas music downloads
kay warren saddleback’s hiv/aids task force
20 reasons you cant believe what you read in an internet profile
are you paying your youth pastor enough
how much margin is in a chic-fil-a product
simply youth ministry 12 days of freebies
ektelon revenge
chocolate hug
if i make them all believe it, maybe i’ll believe it too
worldliness #14 – summary – alcohol mp3
ryan jones saddleback church
afterwards reactions on the summit at saddleback church
dennis bellesi
north point community church andy stanley teaching ilife

Google searches I wish led here
putting the fun in fundamentalism
saddlecreek at northpoint
The Fish
Secular music in the church
Zune vs. iPod
All I want for Christmas is to skydive