Every week I track the words that people use in Google to find this blog. With my hard drive crash last week, I missed Friday’s episode. So here’s volume 20 in the series, which I’ve edited down to some classics and plenty of fresh key words from the search giant – actually searched with and led to here this week.

Actual Google searches that led here this week
obama on leno
fox news saddleback christmas service
psalty’s christmas calamity lyrics
simplyyouthministry pick 6
conversation about tomorrow saddleback church
pastor kerry shook
world series of pop culture recap
race against time saddleback’s
vintage t.d. jakes’ sermons
divinci innovative sound & bass reviews
martial arts teachers deal with “arrogant student”
grarls barkley who cares
christmas at saddleback
new york times “jamie kirby” cocaine
mike meeks pastor
looks good at first glance proverb
zune commercial
do not believe everything you read
sarti immediate care
mom2mine blogspot
what colleges offer music therapy degrease
bill daily oakley
chickfila wonderbread
craig ginn
confessions of middle schoolers
matt mcgill “rescue me”
christmas quiz youth group
i don’t believe in church
jensen “smokes like a chimney”
m-fuge 2007 camp pastors
christian nightclub austin
wallingford ct wii boxing
josh peters football
saddleback church christmas service fox news
download hsm dvd extras
steve rutenbar “steve rutenbar”
funny jesus videos
best breakfast burrito
is there anyone that fails? is there anyone that falls?
north point community church +stanley +fraud
alexis irvine cpk
guidepost ravioli
student zone

Google searches I wish led here
Saddleback plain Gospel message
Get a second opinion
spiritual journey Christian
Denny’s grand slam
date night
going away party