Happy Friday, here’s an update to the searches that lead to this blog. Like every other Friday before, I’ll list the words that people actually used to find this blog, then a list of words I wish led here. Enjoy!

Google searches that actually led here this week
hate myspace
“mike lovato” architecture
grarls barkley lyrics
“Josh Treece”
sarti webcam
Shaun Blakeney
sym podcast
“phillip climer”
mnf espn sucks
“History of Youth Ministry” volume 1
jake rutenbar video
polydot print in CA
football ministry halftime
josh griffin blog
saddleback brother yun
neil Blomkamp commercials nike
ryanne dearden
bertran ministries
“free starbucks iced coffee” hoax
I hate vacations
free iced coffee starbucks
tiger woods nike frank commercial charles
natalie simply youth ministry blog
Brandon warriax
Saddleback Church youtube
“deal or no deal snl”
nike golf commercial frank
“bible action figures”

Google searches I wish led here
green lightsaber
Sprint PPC-6700
Friday night wedding
buffalo and ostrich burgers
10 reasons ninjas will take over America
conservative doctrine, contemporary style
Granger, Willow, Saddleback
If you boycott one thing, you probably need to boycott way more things
World Series of Poker