It’s Friday, and on that fateful day each week we post a list of actual Google searches that led people to this blog. I then follow it up with a short list of words I wish people could use to find this corner of the web:

Actual Google searches that lead here
“josh garrett” “praise band”
“can rick warren change the world”
chic-fil-a franchise
shaun blakeney
“kerry shook ” “seeker sensitive”
chic-fil-a headquarters
sterling sharpe
Vince Beresford at Yorba Linda
josh griffin california
“george lucas” and “speaker request”
youtube youth ministry
Association in San Francisco +”visit every country in the world”
Lil Penny Hardaway Commercials
Brandon Warriax
saddleback church
web design blogspo
“Leadership Summit Blog”

Google searches I wish led here
hymns aren’t all bad
survivor: layoff island
celebrity pastors
my burrito tastes like aluminum
I love Gerry Rojas
church marketing
polydot printing
Pat and Ty are trendy cool
Jesus taught and fed over 5,000. Was he wrong for having a megachurch?
Shrimp enchiladas