As we do every Friday, here’s the list of actual search words people used to discover this site. SiteMeter tells me the referring page before someone hits the blog, and here’s the list of google words people searched for then landed here. Be sure to check out Vol 1, 2, 3 and 4 for some classics as well.

Actual google searches
griffin head check clothes
“The Church Office” video PDYM
“Jason Deuman”
Joshua David Swanzy
brandon warriax
matt mcgill sports instructional
joshua story blogspot
PDYM Germany
the office webisodes .mp4
shaun blakeney
anne geddes
dog the bounty who is the preacher
Chic-Fil-A Marriage Retreats
joshua griffin
josh griffin
“Dwight Schrute’s speech”
ryan’s red carpet challenge
simply youth ministry matt mcgill
“Ralph Remington”
rev. alvin jackson plagarizing
“new day family church”
video tape of 2006 worship conference rick warren minus media
jake rutenbar purpose driven
youth ministry
summit willow
saddleback church summer spectacular

Words I wish led people to this blog
Jana’s new blog
the office is boring when you don’t go to camp
youth ministry community
great calves
big doesn’t mean shallow
alone in youth ministry
PDYM 2012
ministry podcasts
frustrated with fundamentalism
voted most popular
America Doesn’t Have Talent