Here’s volume 2 in my series entitled, Google Searches That Lead Here (volume 1 here). Some interesting ones in this week’s lineup – I promise these are actual Google words that people used to discover this site for the first time. At the end I’ll put up a few I wish people could use to get here, that perhaps in the future the search engine will pick up:

Actual search words
austin carty saddleback
ferarri cars movie
josh griffin
vince beresford california church
worship from a-z saddleback
“rick warren” AND “conference video” 2006
“history of youth ministry vol 1”
united methodist
simply youth ministry blog
chic fil a marriage counseling
gears of war faceplate
minus media rick warren
“something like silas” forestry
Shaun Blakeney

…there’s was even one visitor from a private message in the fundamental forums.

Ones that I wish led people here
dog the bounty hunter rocks
can a christian go to movies?
talk like a pirate day
you have a face for radio
Maranatha Baptist Bible College
Rick Warren’s blog
short shorts
filled with the spirit
ninjas rule