Every Friday I post the actual Google searches that led to the blog – always some unusual ones in here and it’s fun to see what people are searching for. Also, big week for the blog, we had our highest traffic day ever Wednesday with 1,000 page views in a singe day. Cool!

Actual Google searches that led here this week
darth vader snow globe
i want to buy a ps3
zune commercial
christmas talks youth groups
christmas is a time to love lyrics
jaime aleksuk
world series of pop culture
griffin wii
dont believe everything you read on the internet
stellar star search brian hurst
church fat guy “instructional video”
rob johnson fellowship church grapevine
father daughter speech
junior high games “youth group”
lyrics “ba bum” “the o.c.”
famous dave’s thornton “coming soon”
mumble mumble anne geddes
weekday attendance figures for megachurches
troy polamalu halloween costume
asbestos flannelgraph
july sales growth on unexpectedly heavy demand for cold
you cant believe everything you read online?
20gb vs 60gb ps3 last:week
highest price paid for gears of war faceplate
fuddruckers “hickory nc”
nfl sports announcers/al michels
ingrid schlueter don’t start with me steve
el pollo loco “black beans”
induced labor “morgan stanley children”
dough fields youth ministry
determining right turkey funny video
gallup is hanso
crosses made out of railroad ties
weird flower arrangements
i love staff meetings shirt
microsoft win console war
shamu and peters video
campaign for real beauty quicktime
saddleback “how to greet people”
yorba linda friends football saddleback
stallone+”born again”
feeding of the 50000
frozen yogurt saddleback church
ravioli in guidepost magazine
burlap banner
walt mueller
saddleback youth how not to be a fool
no shave november

Google searches I wish led here
Kidney punch
DVD = tired, HDdownloads =wired
Hillsong United
work from Starbucks
laid up all weekend
does protesting work?
frozen peas
bullhorn guy