Every Friday you read the actual Google searches that lead to my blog and then I list the ones that I wish led people to the site. Many times people will ask about where I get these from, and I recently changed ways – I use Google Analytics, a free webmaster service from Google that allows you to track traffic, see keywords people used, see what’s popular on your site and much, much more.

Actual Google searches that people used this to find my blog
hiv/aids needles hidden under gas pumps
mv4 crack itunes
who said don’t believe everything that you read
“hiv/aids needles hidden under gas pumps”
purity rings “under $20”
funny bulletin
super star wars pc download
sean blakeney
youth pastor salaries
hsm-high school musical lyrics
josh griffin saddleback
blogspot josh manning
mnf sucks now
biggest loser youth pastor
minus media+”california”-“windows”+”christian”-“mix”
pastor rick pounds new 2007 collection plate
divas gentlemen’s club-minneapolis
jake rutenbar spirit
dont believe everything you read on the internet
america eats +tv
youth ministers daily duties
do people believe what they read on the internet
itunes mv4
+”dana daniels” +promo video
internet punter
myspace joshua peters
no shave november
catalyst conference oct 4-7 2006 andy stanley
deal or no deal “sermon series” graphics
josh manning
legos and ministry
star wars shortened song lyrics

Google searches I wish led people here
talk like a pirate day
odd colored ear wax
Granger Community Church
Andy Stanley’s blog
should I quit my podcast
ravioli are quite delicious