Been doing this for 10 weeks, and it never gets old. Here’s a list of the Google searches that led here this week, and a few searches I wish led here.

Actual Google searches that led here this week
frank nike golf “tiger woods” ad “you can be replaced”
watch sunday night football orange county
funny bulletin
northwest florida church growth study
shaun blakeney
vince beresford yorba linda
josh manning blog
chris collinsworth fox
saddleback church ryanne dearden
danny swanzy
espn mnf sucks
podcast saddleback community church
prosperity preaching
ministrycom blog
fundamental forums
cracking itunes mv4
polydot print
dwight schrute 800 number
ryan’s red carpet challenge
chic-fil-a franchise
history channel american eats hamburger
“long hollow baptist”
i don’t believe in style
history of youth ministry video volume 1
lance witt leaving saddleback
myspace saddleback church
rock harbor church
group national youth conference february
mnf sucks
johnny caruso youth
baptist santa ana krump dance
journey for life ministry only in america
wikipedia “matthew hampel”
eric putman youth pastor
sym affiliate youth ministry
layoffs “purpose driven”
solace rwanda rick warren
maine farm bureau “jon olson”
josh frank ministry
bethany boring
future super walmart’s in cushing
pdym free graphics
24 jack bauer “send it to my screen”
small groups and “article” and “doug fields”
saddleback church youtube
sterling sharpe nike commercial
carrie underwood “before he cheated” lyrics and song
espn commercial bum
josh griffin podcast
jake rutenbar

Google searches I wish led here
Survivor Christians
leave during closing song
Lamppost pizza
worship response time