We’re so proud of our youth ministry resources scholarships! The program has been in place since July 2013 and local businessmen have purchased youth ministry resources for hundreds of programs across the US and around the world. Here are just a few of the more recent stories from this month’s receipents:

[CHURCH 1] Thank you so much, when I saw this it was just a prayer to answers. We really love all your resources. I showed our Junior High Pastor and she was loving it and we decided to split it and use it with both our programs. Tell whoever the gentleman it was to decided to do that, thank him from all of Pathways Community Church. Its awesome to see when people are blessed by God and they bless others, that’s what its all about.

[CHURCH 2] I wanted to wait until I knew I had a few minutes to type out, as best I could, my gratitude for DYM and what you guys stand for. First and foremost THANK YOU! I received this email as I was dismissing small group and was able to share this news with all of the kids. They were pretty excited as well. These resources are so vital in a time where reaching a kid is no longer as easy as inviting them to pizza. We have to retain them and help grow their relationship with Christ after the pizza and that takes creativity; something I struggle to pull out of myself after a long day at the office but thankfully it’s something you guys do flawlessly. A note for the giver: “A ‘Thank you’ is not a good enough repayment for what you have gifted to my youth ministry and the kingdom of God. To gift the ability to reach kids in a way that could lead them to a new and/or deeper relationship with Christ is priceless. Please know that your donation means the world to me and my fellow youth leaders. I pray God blesses you for being a champion for teens everywhere. Thank you for all you do…” Thanks again for everything, I hope to have the budget in the future for the membership. (it is, after all, the best thing since digital sliced bread!)

[CHURCH 3] Thank you so much for your donation. Ministry is very hard, and in low income and high refugee areas sometimes it feels almost impossible. I can’t begin to describe the feeling of gratitude I have for you donation. I remember growing up in a low income family. My mom did everything she could to hid the fact that we were very poor. I always respected that about her. Now that I find myself working with students and seeing parents that are obviously struggling; I want to pay that forward. I hope my students never have to see another youth group and say “Why can’t we have that?” With your donation we will be able to provided top programming for them. We have already seen such a growth, just one year ago our program had 1 student on Sundays and 15 in our after school program, we now have an average of 15-20 on Sundays and over 75 in the after school program. We have recently launched a large group service once a month last month we had about 6 and this month 12. With the resources from DYM we will be able to provided them with top notch programming and games. It’s really going to help us provided an atmosphere that students will want to invite their friends. Thank you so much for helping us help students find their way back to God.

Do YOU need a resource scholarship? We can help! Check out the DYM Scholarships page to GIVE or RECEIVE.