“Humility is having an accurate, low view of ourselves and seeing ourselves as God sees us.” – Karl Graustein

It’s a funny thing to plan and to plan and to plan for something and expect something great to happen because we are the ones who planned it. As if we have any power to make certain things go a certain way. When it comes to planning and organizing a church service, programming what goes where, what flows the best, this video will be funny here, it is really easy to think that YOU ARE the main reason why people enjoyed the service and got closer to God. In fact, being really honest, when I am not the one in charge of setting it all up and planning it, I cringe a little bit because it is not going as good as it would have been if I planned it. Wow. I actually think that. How awful. Yet, so many of us have this tendency to think this way with many areas of our lives. That if I am in control it will go much better than what God has planned. Wrong.

The past few weekends I have done nothing but sit back and watch services. It was humbling. “You Own the Weekend” has been happening in HSM, and it is happening for the next few weeks as well. This is a time where students take over the services and plan, organize, shoot videos, and write the sermons and services. They have been amazing. God moved, and He will continue to move as students invite their friends to these weekends to share the Gospel. It is incredible. It has taught me that I don’t really matter. Yes, I know I really do matter to God, but that it’s the realization that it doesn’t matter who is “planning and running the show”, just as long as we are preaching the Gospel and asking God to move and He will. He has.

I had nothing to do with the planning or creativity of the service like I am accustomed to.

It made me realize that I am not the one who allows God to move in a place, but God has allowed me to be apart of His movement.

I have been nothing but blessed by the students who have lead the past few weeks, and I am so pumped to see how God is going to move in the next few weeks through the other teams of students. I will just be a spectator, and I am going to enjoy it greatly, and God is going to move just as He always has.

God doesn’t need our help to be seen and felt by His people despite how much we like to believe He “needs” us to do so. If we let Him, if we step out of the way, God will blow our minds with what He can do. We are just blessed to be able to be apart of it, that He allows us to do His work because with Him leading, it all means nothing and we are only doing it for our own glory, not God’s.