Just was reading a story about a youth group that is making some waves in the Indy Star. Here’s a clip of the encouraging ministry:

Get Real, a locally based nonprofit, offers weekly meetings for high school and junior high students during the school year. Through the years, organizers estimate, more than 700 youths have taken part.

That record of success nearly came to an end earlier this year. Part-time director Mark Buckley resigned because of several family deaths and a personal illness, and the group’s volunteer leaders and board had to consider not offering the ministry.
Krohne’s oldest daughter, Kendra Mallory, 36, has since stepped in to direct the weekly youth gatherings. She previously volunteered with the Get Real junior high group.

“I need this every week. It feels so awesome to be involved, and I don’t want them to have to make the same mistakes. Teenagers are so looking for a safe place to be themselves,” Mallory said.

A typical Get Real evening starts with a silly game to mix up the teens who come from different area schools. Mallory then splits up participants into groups, making sure friends are separated, so cliques aren’t a problem.
The small groups discuss the issue of the evening and then come back together for a recap of the discussion.

“It doesn’t matter if you are the athlete or the band guy. They realize they have the same issues. This is a positive peer pressure environment, and they know it is a safe place to talk. Everyone is encouraging,” Mallory explained.
After discussion, the group hears a passage from the Bible.
“That is when we get real — just like the name — and hear what God has to say about it,” Mallory said.