Enjoy this special guest post from our friend at Youth Specialties!

You are our hero. We see how God uses you and other youth workers just like you to change the world by investing in the lives of students. Nothing get’s us more excited than walking alongside youth workers, equipping you with what you need to lead students to find and follow Jesus. That’s why we want to remove any possible barrier that could keep you from coming to the National Youth Workers Convention. NYWC is where you’ll find your people, your tribe, and it’s not the same without you.

We know that a lot of youth workers have to convince a senior pastor or church board in order to get approval to spend money on a training event like NYWC. We’ve heard from countless other youth workers and churches that the investment is worth it, but maybe your pastor needs some convincing. So here’s how we’re going to help…

CLICK HERE to request the official NYWC Pastor Kit

The NYWC Pastor Kit is a USB drive loaded with tons of helpful info including a personal letter from the Executive Director of YS, Mark Matlock, to your pastor explaining the heart and mission behind NYWC and why you need to be a part of it. The USB drive also includes:

  • The NYWC promo video
  • The NYWC brochure PDF
  • 5 Reasons The Church Needs Youth Ministry—A video from Mark Matlock at NYWC last fall
  • 5 Reasons The Church Needs Youth Ministry—A visual of the 5 reasons, along with stats from a comprehensive nationwide Barna study YS commissioned last year to better understand the state of youth ministry in churches today
  • 2 Big Room messages from NYWC 2013 featuring Bob Goff and Harvey Carey
  • 2 Seminars from 2013—Sticky Faith and Moving Your Team From Chaperones to Shepherds

We’ll ship the NYWC Pastor Kit to you so that you can hand it to your pastor and personally follow up to make sure they have explored all the contents of the USB drive. Our hope is that after your pastor has heard your passion about NYWC and seen all the information on the USB that we’ll win them over together. If not, I have a cousin named Vinny that can be very persuasive…just kidding.

CLICK HERE and we’ll send that NYWC Pastor Kit your way!

Thanks for all that you do to lead students to find and follow Christ. We can’t imagine youth ministry without you!