Just finished the single player campaign for the Xbox 360’s Call of Duty 3. The game definitely has a sharp look to it, and overall the presentation is pretty solid.

But I think there’s something lacking in the delivery of the game, as it does get repetitive at times and the controls at times can be cumbersome. The Jeep controls terribly, but other risks pay off – setting bombs is interesting and rotating the control sticks to fire mortars and anti-tank cannons shows promise. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough variety in the weapons for me to really get into them and a couple times the game was frustratingly difficult and/or buggy if you didn’t get it exactly right as the programmer’s intended.

Oh, the game is good – worth playing for sure and a step ahead of the original. But still, after playing Gears of War and Rainbow 6, there’s something about this formula that is starting to show it’s age. B