We’re so thankful for one of DYM’s sponsors, Humankind Spring Water. They are an incredible startup organization that was started this past year by some youth workers back east. It is a terrific idea and worth checking out, there’s some great opportunities for fundraising, too:

Humankind Water exists to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in need. 100% of the net profits fund water projects for those suffering without clean water all over the world. Nearly one billion people on this spinning planet lack access to safe drinking water. – That’s one person in seven. – Half of the hospital beds IN THE WORLD are filled with someone either sick or dying from lack of clean water or sanitation. When buying drinkable water your choice can make the difference, by choosing Humankind Water you will be helping us to build wells in communities that only have contaminated water to drink. please join us and help us by spreading the word.