One of my best friends, and the worship leader here at CCV, just came out with a single that is just absolutely killer. He was writing and thinkning about what our church is going through right now and that how even though we as people go through the bright times and the darkness, we still are called to praise God no matter the situation. 

I know I might be biased but I think when you hear the song, you will see it is pretty incredible, upbeat, fun, and true. We played it for the first time at our church this weekend and we are going to begin playing it for our student ministry as well. I think student will really get into it.

This is why I have included the link to Praise You By Jeremiah Mullins (HERE) & iTunes (HERE)

And I got the lyrics and chord charts for the song just in case you are interested in starting to play it in your group as well. If you do, please let us know how it went! Even send in a video to your group playing it. I think that would be so fun!