So for the past year, every time we introduce a new team member, we have done our own version of a talk show. We have had a total blast with it and it allows our students to have fun with and get to know new leaders in our ministry.

I wanted to share it with you in case you wanted to have some fun the next time you are introducing a new team member! Here are the basics:

We start as though we are doing a traditional welcome up top and we bring the new team member onstage and introduce them. Then, when the host says something to the effect of “Welcome to the (name of host) Show” a group of volunteers quickly set up a talk show set. Traditionally, we just do two chairs, an end table, a plant, and have a blazer ready for the host to wear. We recently just added a bumper to play during the set up (see video below).



We then have the host ask the new leader ridiculous questions, some they know are coming and some surprises. Some examples are:

-What do you think we should do about North Korea?

-You have been called the Ashton Kutcher of your generation… why do you think that is?

-We found this photo of you (embarrassing Facebook photo goes onscreen) can you tell me what is happening here?

-There have been several rumors going around that you have a Myspace. Would you like to make an official comment on that?

-If someone were to catch a leprechaun, would that count as kidnapping? Why or why not?

Finally we finish with a question that allows them to get a little more serious like, “what are you most looking forward to in this ministry?”

It has been a huge win for us and might be able to be one for you to! Hope this helps!