As you may know, I love sharing great new “finds”… especially when it comes to technology (like I did here, here, and here). I mostly love it because I’m the one who is usually the last to hear/experience it. So, find your breaking technological news here


Well, I have another great find to share with you. My friends from RemedyLIVE have created a great new iPhone/iPod/iPad app called the RemedyCAM. It’s available in the iTunes App Store and is a great way to capture video from your mobile device.

When I first saw this app, I immediately thought it would be a great way to help honor Tic Long at this year’s NYWC in San Diego & Atlanta.

Tic has decided to take a new role as a pastor at his home church, thus bringing an end to his amazing & incredible 35 years of service to youth workers thru Youth Specialties. What an awesome testimony to servanthood, longevity, and commitment. We wanted to make sure he heard from everyone how grateful they were for his extended commitment.

At our San Diego National Youth Ministry Convention, we asked everyone to download the app, share their gratitude for Tic, then upload their response. The app gave us instant access to several video responses. Then, we surprised Tic with these videos… it was a very special moment.

I love it when technology is simple enough to enhance ministry. This app was designed for teenagers to be able to share their stories to other teens via RemedyLIVE’s broadcast. Stories are powerful, and now there is a great way for them to be shared. Ideally, teenagers would use this to encourage, inspire, and challenge each other.

We’ve been talking with our friends from RemedyLIVE about other uses from this app. If you’re a regular to the Youth Ministry Garage site, you might know they helped us build out the site and we’re not dreaming about how to use this app to receive video questions from our podcast team members.

Make sure to download the app and give it a try, share it with your teenagers, and come back to this blog and share with me how you’re using it!

Question: What cool app idea do you have? How could it be implemented in youth ministry? Share your ideas in the comment section below. Who knows? Maybe your idea might become the next great ministry tool.

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