One of the best new games we’ve done in a long time – Jiggapuff!

The premise is simple – don’t do the same pose as the person running the game! You don’t need props or prep – just announce the game, show this slide on the screen and you’re all set! Here’s how it works:

Everyone gets to play. Everyone stands up and after the countdown of 3…2..1… Jiggapuff! chooses a pose from the 6 pictured above. The host of the game also has chosen a pose at random and whoever matches the host is “out” and has to sit down. This process is repeated until all but a few have been eliminated and then they are called on stage for the championship rounds. 3..2..1… Jiggapuff continues and increases in speed until there is just one person left and the host and they go heads up in one final challenge, alternating calling out jiggapuff until you have a Jiggapuff champion. In our youth group the winner of the game always gets something BIG, because to win the whole thing is a big deal. Try it this week in your youth group – bet it will be a hit!

Possible variations: come up with your own gestures that are fun to your youth group or church culture. Make it personal – I can imagine students requesting this game next week, too! Have fun.