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We’re really excited about this month’s free membership game – Mafia!

The best Mafia groups have about 12 – 18 people, someone willing to run the game (The Narrator), and a deck of playing cards. Players sit in a circle and are dealt a random, secret card by The Narrator. Each card represents a character that the players will be for the remainder of the game. Players cannot show their cards to each other. For more details on characters, see the character chart included in this download. For the sake of simplicity, there are 4 main character cards: Mafia, Doctor, Sheriff.

If you’re not a Download Youth Ministry Member yet – you’ve got to sign up! Every month, for $19.99 you’ll score:

  • A Game of the Month (like Mafia this month!)
  • A Video of the Month
  • A LeaderTreks student leadership tool
  • A parent newsletter builder/app
  • Mentor Me audio training for you
  • Video Training for your volunteers
  • A mystery download perk
  • DYMText – 2nd tier included!
  • AND $20 in store credit to use on whatever you want, every month!