I have been reading about the life of King David in first and second Samuel. This time around, his humanity and sinfulness has come to the forefront of my thoughts and reflections. He made all kinds of choices that were out of line.

I’M DEFINITELY NO SAINT, and neither was Joab. But when he confronted David (2Sa 19), I was especially primed for someone to stand up to David and call him out. Yeah, I know, Nathan called him out too (2Sa 12), but it was different for Joab. Nathan was a PROHET. Joab was a general who WORKED FOR DAVID. He had everything to loose and he put his relationship with David on the line (in my opinion).

I understand there’s a place for DELICATE DIPLOMACY. It’s not me, but I get it. I’m a bull and my entire world is a china shop of dainty diplomats.

I understand the NATURE of the NUDGE. A gentile word can change the trajectory just a little which can end up meaning big things down the line.

People who keep everything positive (nearly all the time) are liked by a lot of people. Think about this for a second.

Now turn it upside down and inside out. Who are the people YOU really like? The ones who are always positive and rarely challenge you?

I know I gravitate to people who always think I’m great. But this makes me sick. Why? Cause there is no surer way to get stuck in a spiritual rut than to be comfortable and without challenges.

There are times when the INTERRUPTION is IMPERATIVE. Diplomacy has died on the altar of ineffective co-dependency and the nudge is incapable of breaking through the numbness of heart.

There are at least four reasons you and I ought to pray for (and crave) INTERRUPTION:

(a) Your vision will expand.
We all have blind spots and need to see new horizons. Getting interrupted is always surprising, but new vistas always are, just ask anyone who’s seen the Grand Canyon for the the first time.

(b) Your friendships will deepen.
The world is a sea of superficial relationships that are cast away at the first sign of discomfort. Interruption always feels like betrayal; but beneath that surface, it’s a gift.

(c) Your integrity will strengthen.
We are all weak! We are all tempted! We are all prone to making horrible, devastating decisions. Experiencing an interruption always cuts to the core because it peals back the pride and exposes it for what it is–godless, self-sufficiency–and offers to put us back on the right track.

(d) Your leadership will lengthen.
Everyone has some kind of influence in the lives of others, and the lifeblood of that impact is trust. When we ignore our blind spots, live in isolation, and lack integrity, we will have very little leadership that lasts beyond the moment.

Are you willing and ready to be interrupted today?