I love creating teaching series for our youth group! You can see where we’re going this month in High School Ministry at Saddleback. We’re creating a new character quality series for students called For the Win. I think this one is going to be really solid these 3 weeks this October! Here’s the arc of where we’re hoping to take students over the course of the month:
WEEK 1: Integrity
Cheating. Getting ahead. What are your actions when no one is around? Who are you in the dark? This week are are going to talking about integrity and how God calls us to live a life of integrity and is uplifting to God. It’s not about getting ahead, it’s about glorying God.
WEEK 2: Humility
A lot of people do not really understand the word humility. Many people think it means to be walked all over or being taken advantage of. One of the highest compliments from God is to be called humble. You can never loose with humility. This weekend we are going to take a good look at what the word really means.
WEEK 3: Wisdom
There is being smart, then there is being full of wisdom. Being full of wisdom and comes from many different experiences. The book of Proverbs was written by one of the wisest men to ever walk this earth. We will be taking a a look at some quick hits from the Proverbs to get some great doses of wisdom.