Funny topic came up at lunch today – is it OK to drug your kids before you go on an airplane? You know slip them a little Benadryl before takeoff so they sleep the flight away and don’t disturb other people on board.

I showed up strongly on the side of no – but surprisingly enough I was the only one in the group. Apparently, all of my co-workers (some with kids, others not) are OK with drugging their children. So I thought two things – 1) am I just being an over-protective parent, and should just drug them even when they are happy just so they behave, and 2) where do you draw the line if this is OK?

If your kid is healthy, should you give them drugs just to calm their nerves on a flight? Should I give them drugs to knock them out so I could enjoy a movie in a theater for once? As we talked about it, sure, I would certainly do other things – give them something natural (a big meal, hot tea, a whole turkey leg) that would calm them down – but drugs felt like it was over the line. According to a recent poll – quite a few parents are willing to to it though right before a flight.

So I guess my question is – are you? Leave a comment and settle this debate among the team!