Have you ever heard that expression, they are “on fire for God.”? It is a common saying and it describes someone who is fully engaged with Jesus and doing things that give God praise in their actions or words. You can by just how they act, that they are Christian and seem to be like the expression says, “on fire.”

Our relationship with God is very similar to how we would tend and take care of a campfire.

Think about it. The only way that a fire goes out is if you put it out yourself, or if you leave the fire unattended and eventually the fire will die out because it is no longer getting fed anything to burn. A fire will keep on going and burning as long as it is given something to consume.

God’s on fire love for us will always be there, it is just if we choose to add kindling to that fire to make it grow. The only thing that would make our relationship with God not grow is because we ourselves put out that fire, we disregard God for who He is, or, we are the ones who are not constantly feeding that fire of relationship with God. It is us not spending or making time with him, us making the choice not to read His Word, us not adding to the relationship in anyway and not feeding the fire of this relationship and like a campfire, it will die out and we will grow cold because we stepped away from it. There is nothing else to consume because we have pulled away.

We need to constantly be feeding that fire. We need to allow God to consume us, we need to give ourselves to God daily and be open for Him to move in our lives daily. If we want to be that person “on fire for God” like we always see, we are the ones who are responsible for feeding that fire. We are the ones who move away from Him, God is constant, He does not move. We are always either moving towards God or away from God.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him” (Revelation 3:20).