Recently, we started doing something that we didn’t put a ton of effort into in the past: taking care of our former students. Our team has all been through college and we know that your first few months can be really tough. There is a brand new community, new expectations, and new stresses that can be really overwhelming. We know that there is no harder time than finals season, so we thought that it would be the perfect time to send them some love. We sent them a fun, delicious, and (hopefully) helpful care package. This surprisingly cheap project has made a huge impact with our students and I thought I’d share it with you!


In our care packages we sent:

-Various Candy (chocolate, candy cane, Sour Patch Kids, etc.)



-A coloring book (with crayons)



-Scantrons and Blue Books

-Reusable water bottle

-5 student-written sards

-1 card from the HSM staff

Surprisingly, we were able to buy all of this stuff (besides Scantrons and Blue Books) from the 99 Cent Store. If you don’t do anything else, at least send the cards. We didn’t just send a card from our team, we had 5 students write to each graduated senior about the impact that they made in each of their lives, reminding them of their continuing legacy in our ministry.

Caring for your graduated students is incredibly important. It allows us to support them in a time when they might feel alone, it allows us to encourage them in a time when they feel overwhelmed, and it allows us to love them when they need it most!

What are you doing to care for your former students?