I think we can all be a little frustrated with our volunteers from time to time. Sometimes we want them to be just a little more relational or just a little more supportive. Maybe during service they sit in the back and don’t spend time engaging with students. As frustrating as that might be, you have to look at yourself and ask, “What example am I setting for my volunteers?”

The bottom line: you need to be doing the kind of ministry you want your volunteers to be doing. You are the one that is setting the values for your ministry and casting that vision to your team, which means you should be following that as well.

Did anyone else grow up hearing the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do?” As a kid, you are left feeling confused and frustrated. You think, “Well if what you say is so great, why aren’t you doing it?” Your volunteers are thinking the same thing when your actions aren’t matching your words. Just like the kids who hear that phrase, your volunteers will always copy actions, not words. You need to be setting the example for your team.

Casting the vision for how leaders should minister to students is only part of the battle. You can be an incredible visionary but if there is no follow through, your vision is worthless. Ideas are never enough. Your team needs action. Your team needs YOUR action.

So the next time you see a bad habit spreading throughout your team, look to yourself. Are you the one spreading it?

Colton [Email||Twitter]