Whether it is getting ready for summer camp or launching small groups, we all have our busy seasons. I am on the tail end of my busiest time of the year. Here are a few lessons that I have learned along the way:

This isn’t forever– A lot of the time, probably when week 2 or 3 of our busy time hits, we start to think, “this is never going to end.” Know that busy seasons are just that—a season. And like seasons, they end. Be encouraged by the fact that there is a finish line out there.

Don’t sweat the small stuff– When you do any big project, you will run into problems. They just happen. One of the best lessons you can learn is what problems to actually worry about. If you consider every problem a major issue, you will no doubt be overwhelmed. But if you learn that some things aren’t that big of a deal, you will save yourself a ton of stress. Know that everything will be okay.

Take a breath- Sometimes we get so wound up with stress that we can start to act a little out of character. For me, I start to become short with people. I have very little patience with people and tend to snap at them. The important thing is to take a breath. When you start to feel overwhelmed, just take a breath. Protect yourself from saying or doing anything that you will regret.

Don’t just relax, rest– To relax from a long day at work, most of us turn to our classic hobbies. For me, I will grab Del Taco and watch some movies. I rarely spend my time away from the busyness of work with the Lord. I sure was relaxing, but I wasn’t resting. There is a BIG difference between the two. If you are only relaxing when you leave work, you will come back the next day just as stressed as you were when you left… you will find out that you were just escaping. But if you rest in the Lord, have your quiet time, and make some Sabbath time, you will see a huge difference the next day in the office.

What are some tips you would give someone feeling a little overwhelmed?

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