I recently hit my 18-month mark—crazy! It feels like it was just yesterday that I started, but at the same time it feels like forever ago! Of course, reaching this goal made me reflect on some of my biggest learnings so far and I thought I might share couple of them with you:

Don’t Stop Being Blown Away. Our student ministry worship pastor has recently been putting on these incredible worship nights for all ages. A few weeks ago, I went to one, worshiped and left. When I left I didn’t really think twice about the event or the life changed that probably happened there. I was just thinking about what I was going to order at Denny’s! I realized that I’ve just come to expect great things so I don’t think twice after I leave events. Sometimes I even feel that way about baptisms. We do them every month so it can easily just feel like something we do and I often stop being floored by what is happening. Don’t get calloused to the awesome things the Lord is doing.

Celebrate the Small Stuff. Let’s face it, the big victories don’t come often. Because of that, it can be way too easy to get discouraged and get in a rut. I think we get discouraged because we are mostly just looking out for those big wins, sometimes even depending on them. But don’t forget to keep an eye out for the small things. We need to recognize the small ways that God is working if we are going to make it. Like when you get a student to help you pick up trash after a service or instead of getting discouraged that no parents sent encouraging emails after an event, celebrate the fact you didn’t have any complaints! Keep a look out for the small stuff.

This has been an incredible season of growth. The Lord has taught me a ton about not just ministry, but myself as well. What are some things that you are learning right now?

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