Pastor Rick lost his voice on Friday so Doug Fields had to come in and pinch hit for our Workplace series at Saddleback Church. Rick got him good in the video introduction, and there was plenty of shots back and forth that made everyone really laugh. Good stuff, I love banter between pastors!

Anyhow, this week was particularly good, I was really proud of Fields. Here’s why: at Saddleback we always teach about failure stories, and this week he had some really great ones. Sometimes I wonder if he screws up just to make a good illustration! Hahahha … the honesty and transparency from him made the service really excellent. So many of us fail and then cover it up, or pretend we’re perfect. The audience knows that isn’t true, so it distracts from receiving the message.

Bottom line: if you’re not using a failure story a week, you’re missing a key ingredient in connecting with your audience.

I haven’t been this excited about a series since the G-rated kids one this summer. Good stuff!