///Favorite Emails and Texts About the Baby

Favorite Emails and Texts About the Baby

So when I sent out the announcement about the baby arriving, I got a myriad of responses via voice mail (6), email (52) and text (14). Here’s my favorites from the bunch – uncredited – since this is totally without their permission.

  • Nicely done. Now it’s time to visit Dr. Snippy!
  • The Force already let me know.
  • Yeaaaassass!
  • I’d say you have the dominant genes!
  • Yeah, PTL
  • Nice! When can we expect #5?
  • Must be somethin’ in the water over there
  • You’re going to have to buy a bigger house! Congratulations!
  • Save the skin from the circumcision!
  • I’m surprised you haven’t blogged about it yet.
  • Another Jedi Knight enters the world!
  • Smoke a cigar for me…
  • I must bring blessings from World of Warcraft to this child!
  • Congratulations Josh!!! Did you really send this email out less than an hour after your wife delivered? When we had our kids, I think I was still sucking on ice chips and hee-breathing for a couple of hours after delivery. You were made for this, I guess!
  • I just prayed for you and your family. Jadin’s salvation, friends, and future wife. Your parenting wisdom. Your wife’s recovery and strength over the next few months (years).
  • How many more to go?
  • Griffin, party of six.
  • Awesome… Congrats… What a blessing… I hope the little one looks like mom.
  • Ah Sick – how many is that for you now – 40?
  • Is Jadin a girl or a boy? Caleb indicates boy, but I am not sure…help me out here.
  • I’m disappointed that you had 3 boys and didn’t name any Luke, Han, or Chewie!
  • He looks just like me! I mean, his daddy, I mean… crap… nevermind…


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