Had a great day with the family after a couple weeks of travelling off and on. I may have snuck out for an hour to play some racquetball time with Jason (and he may have smoked me 3 games to one, too) but other than that enjoyed a full day with the kids.

Tonight we went to Passion and had a nice crowd – a pastor from East Lake in San Diego, Mike Meeks, filled in for Rick tonight and finished the Workplace series. Great stuff, anytime a pastor uses clips from Conan and Seinfeld, I’m more than into it. Cool learning about how a simple conversation can change someone’s life direction! I can think very specifically of one conversation that changed my life forever – that’s why I’m in youth ministry! Next week at Saddleback we’ll hear from Kay Warren, amongst others, for Mother’s Day. Should be great!

After church we had some friends over for burgers and dogs on the grill. Good excuse to clean the house and get ready for a big week ahead. And yes, I’m just going to bed now, up late working on a Purpose Driven Church Conference project. Just finished – whew!